Nuveen Real Estate is one of the world's largest asset managers in real estate with approximately $ 125 billion in managed assets. Nuveen Real Estate's investment strategies prioritize cities that are structurally positioned for long-term growth and value development.

The cities have been evaluated on the basis of "soft" factors (quality of life and technological development), "hard" factors (urbanization and youth population) as well as growth factors (consumption and population growth), which has resulted in a selection of cities with long-term favorable conditions for growth and demand. on real estate. Through its investment mandates, Nuveen Real Estate invests primarily in cities in this selection. For the Nordic countries, this means Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Oslo.

The investment mandate has previously included investments in offices, trading and logistics properties. Now the Nuveen Real Estate expands the mandate within the framework of the city strategy and diversifies its holdings to include additional segments, such as student housing, rental apartments, community properties and hotels.

Johan Åström, Head of Nordics, comments:

“Nuveen Real Estate currently has a strong position in the retail segment in the Nordic region. With increased urbanization, structural demographic development and ever-increasing logistics flows as a result of, above all, a growing e-commerce, we broaden the investment mandate in our urban strategy. We will continue to position ourselves within previous mandates, primarily in the direction of logistics. At the same time, we are looking for investment opportunities in new segments such as student housing, retirement homes and community properties, a type of investment that potentially entails both relatively low risk and attractive returns. ”

In order to develop existing investments and implement the mandate change in the Nordic countries, a number of recruitments are simultaneously being carried out to the Nordic organization.

Anna Forsberg is employed as Senior Leasing Manager in Finland. Anna is most recently from the Senior Analyst position at JLL, focusing on investments in commercial real estate. Anna specializes in analysis, rental and development of commercial properties.

Niklas Lahtinen has been employed as an analyst in Sweden. Niklas is co-founder of Cape Economy Oy Ab and Oy Casalah Ab and comes from a role as finance consultant and real estate analyst. Niklas specializes in financial management and business consulting.

Nuveen Real Estate also extends the Swedish organization with a service for letting and developing the current real estate portfolio.