The City of Stockholm has announced that they are canceling the agreement regarding the Gasklockan project with Oscar Properties.

The City of Stockholm writes:

"The City of Stockholm has on several occasions invited Oscar Properties to fulfill its obligations, even though there has been no access and payment has not been received. Oscar Properties has been in arrears with payment of the purchase price (SEK 591 779 428) since October 31, 2019. The City of Stockholm therefore cancels an agreement on exploitation with transfer of land within Hjorthagen 1:2 etc. with immediate effect. The sales of the former Gasklockan 4 and site lease of the former Gasklockan 3 will be to Oscar Properties."

Oscar Properties writes:

"The City of Stockholm is aware that environmental measures remain on the property, which means that the transaction cannot be completed. Oscar Properties has by all means tried to enter into a constructive dialogue with the city, but notes that the company is now allowed to devote time to the legal measures that need to be taken against the city because of the damage that Oscar Properties is suffering from this."