In addition to the existing management, the new colleagues are Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Cathrine Klouman, Chief Customer Officer (CXO) Kristiina Kukkohovi and Chief Communication Officer (CCO) Christian Vammervold Dreyer.

“Heimstaden is about to be established in six countries and has in a year more than doubled the number of Friendly Homes in its portfolio and employees in the group. We have now put in place a solid management to develop the company further, a journey we really look forward to doing together with Cathrine, Kristiina and Christian," says Patrik Hall, CEO Heimstaden. 

Cathrine Klouman has a broad industry experience from international companies such as Intrum, Møller Mobility Group, DNB and IBM. She has for more than 15-years developed and implemented digital strategies. In Heimstaden she will head the company’s Digital Center of Excellence and the IT functions. 

“Heimstaden’s ambition is to become the digital front runner within residential real estate. Digital is a common denominator across our business, which will enable excellence in customer experience, operations and society contributions such as environmental sustainability.  Growing the business, we will need scalable and effective IT platforms. I am truly engaged and motivated to take this challenge and work together with the strong Heimstaden team,” says Cathrine Klouman, CDO.

Kristiina Kukkohovi has a wide international experience from companies like Finnair, SAS/Blue1, Silja Line and KILROY, working with new concepts, brands, customer focus and business development. Kristiina will conceptualize Heimstaden’s extraordinary customer experiences.

“Heimstaden’s mission is Friendly Homes. Caring for our customers, neighborhoods and society in general is in Heimstaden’s DNA as well as in mine. Friendly is more than a word, it shall be our customers feeling when they have their Homes in Heimstaden,” says Kristiina Kukkohovi, CXO.

Christian V. Dreyer has over 15 years of experience working with communication and public affairs as CEO in Real Estate Norway and other companies and organizations. Christian will lead the group’s corporate communication and public affairs.

“Heimstaden play an important role not only for our investors, but for over 200.000 people and many communities around Europe. We have a big responsibility, and will share our resources, competence and knowledge with communities and governments to make better homes, neighborhoods and cities,” says Christian V. Dreyer, CCO. 

Klouman, Kukkohovi and Dreyer will have similar functions both in Heimstaden AB and Fredensborg AS.