Ferd has a long-term perspective and high ambitions with the acquisition of the NRK property.

"We are happy, proud and humble about the task we now face. We want to create a district that unites NRK's ​​history, the knowledge environments at the University of Blindern and Oslo's need to become a greener, more creative and inclusive city. We are committed to creating lasting value for both the city and the area," says Johan H. Andresen, Chairman of Ferd.

Work on regulating the site will be at pace with NRK's ​​relocation plans.

"We relate to the planning program that was set in June 2019 and look forward to continuing the work with regulation, participation and the broad cooperation such development requires. It is with great enthusiasm that we embark on this work. We want to create an inclusive and innovative environment with experiences for both residents and visitors in Oslo. We will use all our experience from real estate development, long-term industrial ownership and entrepreneurship to give the area the promise it deserves. We are going to create a desire to live, experience and create at Marienlyst," says Andresen.

To NRK, the agreement with Ferd is an important step on the road to a new head office in the Oslo area.

"They had the best offer overall. The contract with Ferd gives us the time we need to find the best possible site for NRK and a good financial basis for establishing a new building," says Broadcasting Manager Thor Gjermund Eriksen.

The agreement gives NRK a minimum price of NOK 3.75 billion on the sale. The final price depends on the regulation that is adopted for the area.

"NRK has an important contingency role and a social mission that involves activities around the clock throughout the year. Therefore, it has been crucial for us to have a contract that is flexible and guarantees that NRK has an operational head office at all times. We have achieved this through the agreement with Ferd," says Eriksen.

It is not decided where NRK's ​​new head office will be located. The ambition is to find and buy a plot during 2020.

"We hope to have it done this year, but the most important thing is that we find the very best plot for NRK. Therefore, we must 'hurry slowly' and carefully consider all relevant alternatives before making our decision," says Eriksen.