The Rovik Brygge project comprises three apartment buildings with a maritime and modern expression, and will be surrounded by a park with a promenade along the quay. The apartments vary in size from 37-163 m² gross area with spacious outdoor areas facing south and west. The ground floor will accommodate retail premises, storage and parking in a system parking facility.

“Here we have focused on creating an attractive project for Sandnes. We want to develop projects that provide good homes, a vibrant community and that add value to the entire neighbourhood. The response to this project has been overwhelming, and we are therefore starting construction earlier than we initially had planned. We are also proud to start up such a project at a time where it is especially important to keep up speed,” says project manager Kjersti Kulleseid of Veidekke Eiendom.

“We have extensive and good experience with carrying out apartment projects of this scale. We are grateful for the contract, and are looking forward to building this attractive apartment building in the heart of Sandnes,” says regional director Are Westbye of Veidekke Bygg.

“Ordinarily we celebrate new contracts with cake for the employees, but in light of the coronavirus, we have stringent infection control measures at our building sites. In agreement with the client, this time we have instead chosen to make a contribution to the Asfalt street paper, earmarked the Sandnes division in order to help them continue their important work in the difficult situation they are experiencing,” Westbye concludes.