The area on Ulven in Oslo encompasses approximately 275,000 sqm land and 220,000 sqm buildings. 

A newly adopted plan for half the area permits a development to 320,000 sqm, both housing and commercial premises.

“Our ambition is to be a part of the city’s development and we see it as a part of our civil role to take responsibility for the large city development projects. This is a part of Hovinbyen, which is a prioritized development area in the city plan that Oslo municipality adopted this fall. Thousands of housing units and many attractive work places can be developed on Ulven” says Daniel Kjørberg Siraj, CEO at Obos.

The first part of the project is to complete facilities for Stadsdel Bjerke who will move in during Q1 2017. The first housing units are estimated to be finished in 2020. 

Obos carries through the transaction by purchasing Ulven AS, that Storebrand Livforsikring has owned 90,1 percent of and Fabritius Gruppen 9,1 percent.