The Gothenburg region has a continuously strong growth and will pass one million residents in 2017. This confirms the roll as labor market two in Sweden, which means a strong purchasing power and large need of new housing. Backaplan is a district and city shopping center on Hisingen, five minutes from Gothenburg’s city center. Skandia Fastigheter’s acquisition – Backa 170:1 and Backa 172:1 – is a part of the large retail area. Backaplan is expanding greatly and a doubled amount of residents is estimated within 20 years. 

“We like Gothenburg in general and specifically Backaplan with the area’s infrastructure and location. We can make a real difference here and build a meeting place on Hisingen. We are looking at both the possibility of renewing and developing the shopping, but we also have the ambition to add a significant amount of housing and other important social functions” says Bo Jansson, Property Manager at Skandia Fastigheter’s shopping centers and housing.

After the divestment, KF Fastigheter has yet another development property of 88,000 sqm plot area in Backaplan, where housing construction is planned.