Over the past three years, NREP has experienced strong growth in housing, with clear ambitions to become a significant housing player in the Swedish market with customers' perspectives at the center. Both the team and the property portfolio have grown and the aim is to drive the industry forward in sustainability and technical innovation.

“We have laid a solid foundation for making a real difference and are already in the phase of implementing important housing projects that raise the bar - not least the net zero-energy project Norra Vitsippan in Salem and the large-scale recycling project Idéfabriken in Skarpnäck. To continue to push the boundaries, the team's ability to think big and push through innovative initiatives is crucial. That is why I am happy and proud that we continue to attract competent and entrepreneurial employees,” says Rickard Langerfors, Development & Transaction Director at NREP.

By 2025, the goal is to have a residential portfolio of at least SEK 30 billion and an annual self-development of 3,000 apartments. However, the most important goals are related to social and ecological sustainability, where employees are a key factor in success. The team is now growing by four people and consists of a total of 14 employees.

Britt Lindqvist is now being recruited to the position of Director, Head Residential Operations for the housing stock. With 15 years of experience from business development, change management and project management, she most recently came from the role of Head of Development at Vasakronan.

“I was drawn to the innovative power I saw from NREP. There is a clear entrepreneurial spirit here, which gives life to new ideas that become reality thanks to the combination of the right skills, capital and above all a strong vision of having a positive impact on both people's everyday lives and the environment," says Britt Lindqvist.

Lindqvist will be responsible for the customer experience, the management team's structure and business model with a strong customer and concept focus. She will be highly involved in the strategic work and development of new housing-related products and services. A role that matches well with both her background and ambitions.

"Despite my long experience in the real estate industry, I may not be the typical 'real estate profile', but I have a lot with me in business development and the customer-friendly side. For me, it is important to understand what the customer wants and dare to develop new solutions that meet needs - today and tomorrow. There is an enormous amount happening on the housing side and it is important to be one step ahead. NREP has a strong image in technology and sustainability, not least in combination - I look forward to being part of that relocation journey,” Lindqvist continues.

NREP has historically broken new ground for customer-focused solutions with lower climate footprints - for example the development of Upcycle Studios where two thirds of the material is recycled, a deep geothermal well that generates virtually emission-free heating, the Nordic region's largest solar cell plant on roof and the implementation of AI for efficient, data-driven planning properties and urban areas.

With a geographical focus on Stockholm-Mälardalen, two new business developers are now also being recruited. Erik Ihse joins with long experience from housing development and most recently comes from Ikano Bostad, where during the past decade he has had roles in both business and project development, as well as worked with business development.

Sofia Bredberg Hanser also joins the business development team. With broad experience in business development, valuation and analysis, she most recently came from SSM, where she had a strong focus on transactions.

Sofie Jansson is appointed as a new project developer and comes most recently from ten years at Riksbyggen where she worked with project management. Her long experience includes participation in all stages of rebuilding Beckomberga Hospital into condominiums.

“It is incredibly competent people who have chosen to join us. In all dialogues, it has been clear that the issue of sustainability and daring to think new and execute with innovative drive is important to them. It is a strong contributing factor to my belief that they fit very well with us. We are a team that wants to have a great impact on the industry and not least enrich the everyday lives of the people who live and work in and around our residential areas,” concludes Rickard Langerfors.