Ever since the listing of the Company's shares on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Cibus has had the ambition to have the Company's shares subject to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm. Since the listing, the Company has worked strategically and in a goal-oriented manner to build an organisation meeting the requirements applicable to a Company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The Company's board of directors believe that a listing of the Company's shares on Nasdaq Stockholm is a natural step in the Company's stated ambition and development process that would increase the Company's visibility among tenants, investors, Cibus as a partner and increase the knowledge about the Company among analysts and media. In line with the Company's stated growth strategy with annual investments of EUR 50 - 100 million per year, a listing on Nasdaq Stockholm is also expected to make the Company's share more attractive as a means of payment in connection with potential acquisitions and enables investments in the Company's shares by institutional players who have a focus on shares admitted to trading on a regulated market. It is the board of director's assessment that this in the long run creates better conditions for future value creation for the Company's shareholders.

There is no offering or issuance of new shares in connection with the Company's shares being admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm. Shareholders of the Company do not need to take any action in connection with the change of listing venue. The ticker for the Company share on Nasdaq Stockholm will remain unchanged (CIBUS).