David Silvesjö has been employed by Catena since 2018, most recently as Finance Controller/IR, and his background before joining Catena had an emphasis on financing from various positions in both the property sector and the banking/investment banking sector. He succeeds Peter Andersson, who will take on a role as Senior Advisor at Catena.

“David brings broad and solid expertise and experience and, as the new Head of Treasury, he will be able to smoothly continue developing the efforts implemented successfully by Peter in the area of financing since 2013,” says Catena’s CEO Jörgen Eriksson.

Malin Nissen has been employed by Catena since 2019 in the role of HR Manager, before which she had a background as a consultant in the area of HR, as well as in various managerial positions in public operations. Her new role as Head of Business Support encompasses the Group-wide HR, communications and sustainability functions. The role has been part of Catena’s management team since 2020, with Deputy CEO/CFO Sofie Bennsten shouldering temporary responsibility for the role since its inception.

“We are pleased that Malin is willing to continue leading these important functions forward in an overall role that establishes effective decision-making paths, as well as beneficially enabling knowledge sharing throughout the operations. The level of activity in HR, communications and sustainability is very high and, in this way, we will be able to benefit optimally from both Malin’s and Sofie’s strategic skills and favourable leadership qualities,” says Catena’s CEO Jörgen Eriksson. 

Once these management changes have been implemented at the end of August/beginning of September 2021, Catena’s management team will comprise the following individuals and positions: Jörgen Eriksson, CEO; Sofie Bennsten, Deputy CEO/CFO; David Silvesjö, Head of Treasury and Malin Nissen Head of Business Support.