Logicenters has announced that it has signed a lease with logistics company Malomo 3 PL AS in Vestby Logistics Park in the Oslo region, Norway. The long-term lease is for a 5,500 m2 facility in one of Logicenters' newly developed properties in Vestby, Torvuttaket 22. Malomo will share the 12,000 m2 building with Barnas Hus. Malomo is a 3PL company for wine and microbreweries in Norway. The property will be equipped to meet its needs and work is now under way to build offices and install shelving. The facility is scheduled for completion in November 2021, at which point Malomo 3PL will move in.

"Logicenters is very pleased to be working with such a rapidly growing company as Malomo 3PL AS. Our ambition is to start collaborations with growth partners and, in line with our strategy, we want to be a growth partner for our tenants. Among other things, Malomo will provide logistical services for Lokalbrygg AS and a number of Norway's smaller wine and beer wholesalers. When it moves in, Malomo will occupy approximately half of the facility. We look forward to following the journey of Malomo 3PL and Lokalbrygg in the future," says Ruben Krantz, Commercial Manager at Logicenters.

Vestby Logistics Park has a strategically important location, close to both Oslo and the E6 European motorway. The area also has great transport links with its proximity to the ports of Moss and Göteborg. Among Logicenters' existing tenants in the area are Barnas Hus, HeltHjem Nethandel AS and Prime Cargo.

"We are looking forward to moving into a new facility, tailored to meet our needs. It was important for us to find a place where we can grow over the next ten years. The collaboration with Ruben and Logicenters has been outstanding and we are excited to move into our new facility in Vestby. We considered facilities in other areas but after assessing travel time, distance from Oslo and price, Logicenters' Vestby facility was the best option. We are also close to Asko, Vinhuset and Vinmonopolet's e-warehouse. We would like to thank Logicenters again for its excellent cooperation. It is very important for our continued investment and we look forward to co-locating the businesses from Alnabru and Langhus in a new building of the highest quality," says Marianne Frydenlund, Chair of the Board at Malomo 3PL AS.