The transaction takes place via companies from both parties with the aim of creating a long-term incentive to run and develop the contracting business for continued growth.

The shares in the company that are sold are divided into ordinary shares and preferred shares with preferential rights to returns. ALM Equity retains shares corresponding to 80 percent of the company and its profits. ALM Equity's continued ownership also gives preference to a preference capital of SEK 1,366 million that runs with an annual return of 3 percent. The shares that are sold are ordinary shares without preference. The purchase price for the shares amounts to SEK 0.8 million and is based on an external market valuation.

"The transaction creates an incentive structure for continued value growth of our holding in 2xA Entreprenad. The deal means that we share the result from the value creation that is added in addition to the preference capital," says ALM Equity's CEO Joakim Alm.