As a building, Veidekke’s new head office will be a pioneer in terms of sustainability and the environment. The building will be certified in accordance with the BREEAM-NOR Excellent environmental standard, and will achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of more than 50 percent when compared with the reference building. For example, this will be the first time in Norway that crushed concrete from a demolition project replaces 100% of virgin stone mass used in the new concrete for the building. The head office will have an area of 11,300 sqm distributed over six storeys, and plans include space for 600 workspaces, of which some will be leased to other parties.

“We are delighted to be able to start building work on our own, brand new head office. We will be using completely new sustainable and circular solutions to reduce the negative impact we have on the climate and environment. This will become a reference building for the benefit and enjoyment of our employees, not to mention its role as a head office that we are able to show off to our customers and partners with pride,” says Veidekke Group Chief Executive Jimmy Bengtsson.

The former Ulven industrial area in eastern Oslo is currently undergoing a transformation into a neighbourhood featuring 2,000 homes and 5,000-6,000 jobs. The first residents have already begun to move into their new homes built by Veidekke on behalf of OBOS, and a café and convenience store are already operating in the area. Large, green courtyards, playgrounds and a park, as well as a central location, will help make this area an attractive place to live and work.

The commission is included in Veidekke’s order book for Q3. Construction will begin with immediate effect and the offices are due to be brought into use in early January 2025. The project is being delivered by Team Veidekke DA, which consists of Veidekke Bygg Oslo, Bravida Norge, LPO Arkitekter, Multiconsult, Dr techn. Olav Olsen and Landskaperiet.