The company's performance since the pandemic restrictions has been positive in several key areas. As a result, the company is now able to move from a defensive pandemic mode to a more active business development mode, which will require investment. At the same time, the external environment has significantly changed economic realities. In addition, the tense political situation makes it impossible to predict what the economic conditions will be tomorrow. These circumstances have led the Board of Directors of Quartiers to take the following decisions:

The decision regarding the preference shares will be postponed until the next Annual General Meeting, when both the external situation and the business situation of Quartiers have become clearer.

At the same time, the company will initiate an analysis to clarify how the company can optimise its capital structure. Potential steps that will be evaluated include, but are not limited to, a reduction in the number of outstanding preference shares through, for example, a potential voluntary redemption offer.

The Company's success, not least with Boho Club, has prompted the Board to review how the overall strategy can be further focused and sharpened.

Further decisions and updates regarding the preference shares will be announced in future press releases as decisions are made.