The buyer of the property is Ejendomsselskabet Olav de Linde, which takes over the property from Freja Ejendomme on 31 December 2022.

The three buildings were originally built for living, but have most recently served as offices and administration for the University of Copenhagen. It is also planned that the historic buildings will continue to house offices. This is what Jakob de Linde, business development manager at Olav de Linde Property Company says:

"We are very satisfied with the purchase of the property, which means that we can now offer a wide range of interesting rental properties in Copenhagen. The property and its courtyard can be developed into an exciting environment with a cafe and offices, and we are looking forward to getting started on the project. We are continuously looking for new properties for our portfolio and can strike when the right opportunity presents itself”.

Christina Jørgensen, CEO of Freja Ejendomme says:

"There is a lot of focus on the real estate industry and whether the arrow points up or down for the future. But the sales process for this property shows that there is still great demand when you put the very special properties on the market - such as this large property in inner Copenhagen. We have had many interested parties and we are sure that Ejendomsselskabet Olav de Linde, with their extensive experience in developing and renovating old properties, is the right buyer."

Fiolstræde 10 and Store Kannikestræde 18 were both built in 1867, while Store Kannikestræde 18A dates from 1850. Together, the three buildings have a total area of ​​2,764 m2 excl. rooftop.

Freja Ejendomme took over the property from the Danish Building Authority and it is Colliers that has handled the sale of the property on behalf of Freja Ejendomme.