The premises were then dismissed and will be vacant at the end of February. inTime takes over the premises, comprising approximately 1,360 square meters, on 1 August, 2023. The annual rent amounts to approximately SEK 1.3 million and is fully indexed.

“We started operations in Germany in 1987 and today inTime Express has its own operations and 500 employees in twelve countries and we have a strong network for transport and logistics operations. Our business in Helsingborg is developing well and we look forward to moving into larger and modern premises,” says Hanspeter Fischer, CEO of inTime Express.

“We are pleased that inTime Express has chosen to move into one of our recently acquired properties. The property, located in Helsingborg’s logistics location Väla Södra, at the junction between E4/E6 and E20, is an excellent location for a transport company,” says Peter Strand, CEO of SLP.