Joacim Sjöberg has been the acting CEO of Castellum since 17 January 2023 and has been a member of the company's Board of Directors since 2020.

"The Board of Directors has had a clear set of demands for the CEO role from the start. We have had a rigorous recruitment process that started before Christmas and several strong candidates have shown interest in the assignment. Joacim Sjöberg stepped forward as a candidate during the process and has extensive knowledge of the capital market as well as the industry. This is of great benefit to Castellum in these times of global financial turmoil. In addition, Joacim Sjöberg has extensive knowledge and insight into the company from his time as a member of the Board. I look forward to continuing the collaboration with Joacim as Castellum's new President and CEO", says Per Berggren, Chair of the Board, Castellum AB.

Joacim Sjöberg has spent most of his professional life working in the financial sector, particularly in the property sector. He has experience from previous management roles, including at Öhman Fondkommission, Swedbank and Jones Lang LaSalle, where he has worked actively on transactions and financing in capital-intense industries. Joacim Sjöberg has, in addition to his experience from the banking and finance sector, been an attorney at Mannheimer Swartling.

"My interest in the assignment has arisen and grown during my time as acting CEO of the company. I very much look forward to continuing my commitment to Castellum in the role as President and CEO. Castellum is a stable and well-managed company with great assets in properties as well as expertise. We are now experiencing a major financial turmoil in the world around us, which we will face with equal parts humbleness and strength. I am grateful for the confidence to lead the company through this period and at the same time prepare us for the future", says Joacim Sjöberg, President and CEO of Castellum.