"I am very proud of the new Nordisk Renting we have built, on the basis of our almost 40-year history. Together, we have developed a strong platform and a growing Nordic business as a long-term capital partner to our customers for their strategic properties and infrastructure. It has has been a privilege to work together with all talented colleagues and a committed board. I look forward to continuing to work for Nordisk Renting's interests as an active member of the board and ensure a smooth transition. I also want to take the opportunity to thank Natwest and all colleagues in The group is on a fantastic journey in several roles for a total of nearly twenty years," says Caroline Bertlin, CEO of Nordisk Renting.

"During her time together with the board and the owner, Caroline Bertlin has prepared and implemented a new, long-term growth strategy for the company. She has successfully led the company through a change and development phase to today being an active and valued partner for large companies and the public sector in the Nordics, with a strong position for the future. Caroline Bertlin's drive, leadership and business acumen have been appreciated by all of us and we would like to thank her for her important contributions as CEO of Nordisk Renting. We are happy that she is on our continued journey as a board member and wish her the best of luck in her future assignments," says Niklas Johansson, chairman of the board of Nordisk Renting.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Caroline Bertlin and see the strong development that Nordisk Renting has had under her leadership. On behalf of Natwest, I would like to take the opportunity to warmly thank Caroline Bertlin for her extraordinary efforts over many years within the group," says Andrew Blincoe, Head of Corporate Banking and Structured Finance at Natwest.