"It concerns a real estate deal where Oscar Properties backed out, they didn't complete deals. It's actually money that should go to the brokers for the deal that didn't go through. We don't know yet if they have money or not. But we always go by the book ", says CEO Daniel Özboyaci, according to Expressen.


At the same time, according to Expressen, the Swedish Enforcement Authority has not found any assets that can be seized at Oscar Properties.

"The investigation report shows that the person who must pay (the debtor) lacks the assets to pay the entire debt," writes the Kronofogden's case officer in his investigation report dated January 16, Expressen further states.


Oscar Properties has been informed that DSAM has applied for the company to be declared bankrupt as a result of an agreement entered into with DSAM which DSAM believes the company has not complied with, but Oscar Properties intends to contest the bankruptcy application.


The company further writes that the work on a joint plan for liquidating the group's debts and securing its assets continues together with Lars Söderqvist and Wesslau Söderqvist Advokatbyrå, something the company announced it started at the end of January.


Last week, Oscar Properties announced that it had sold four properties during the fourth quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024 for a combined agreed property value of SEK 192 million.


Nordic Property News has tried to contact Oscar Properties CEO Carl Janglin.