"The company has undergone a major transformation during my short time as CEO. It feels appropriate to leave now that the company's property portfolio and organization will be significantly smaller and the company is entering the next phase. I want to thank the employees, board and owners for the trust they have shown throughout this demanding restructuring process," says Carl Janglin.


Carl Janglin will remain in his position until a successor is appointed and will be involved during the transition.

"In light of the changes brought about by recent sales, we can also announce that the company's CFO Magnus Thimgren has chosen to resign his employment. The company will immediately begin the recruitment work of a replacement. The company has also begun the process of adapting the workforce to the changed conditions ," says CEO Carl Janglin.

"Carl and Magnus both started after the summer of 2023. We now thank them for their efforts during this tough period. Now the work continues to liquidate the company's remaining debt obligations and secure the company's assets. Attorney Lars Söderqvist at Wesslau Söderqvist will continue to support the board in this work ," says Peter Norman, chairman of the board.