Ekolution works to address challenges regarding sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon emissions in the construction and real estate industries – something they have already done in Logicenters innovation project in Bålsta, where they delivered CO2-binding hemp fiber insulation. Before the move, the premises will be adapted to accommodate Ekolution’s machinery in the existing property.

”We are delighted to welcome Ekolution as a new tenant. They have done a fantastic work in our innovation project in Bålsta, and we look forward to following their journey more closely as they move in. The facility will be tailored to their needs so they can continue to offer the construction and real estate industries a more sustainable solution,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO at Logicenters.


With its proximity to Malmö and the rest of the Öresund region, the geographical location is attractive to many companies. The facility is five minutes away from the E6 and E22, connecting the logistics park to the highway network in the Nordic region – with fast and smooth transport connections.

“We look forward to moving into facilities adapted to our needs. It allows us to work more efficiently, where we can continue to produce green, CO2-binding building materials. The location is perfect for us, with proximity to Malmö, European highways, and our farmers. Together with Logicenters, we can further expand our operations and strengthen the growth,” says Remi Loren, CEO at Ekolution.


In the early stages, there were plans to build a completely new property in Kronoslätts logistics park, but when the opportunity to reuse an existing property in the area arose, Ekolution chose that option.

”Reuse is an important part of sustainable development and can help reduce the construction industry’s environmental impact by preserving resources and reducing waste, while also saving us time and money in the project,” says Remi Loren.