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Heimstaden Bostad Sets New Climate Targets

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad has set new sustainability targets and will invest SEK 5 billion to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 46 percent by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreement ambition to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Why the Danish Residential Market Is One of the European Champions

Denmark Denmark — Christian Fladeland, Co‑CIO of Heimstaden, on the recent blockbuster acquisition, and future growth targets in Denmark.

Heimstaden Bostad Acquires Large Danish Portfolio

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden AB’s subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad AB strengthens its presence in Denmark through a SEK 3.5 billion acquisition of 1,473 homes in several attractive locations.

Heimstaden Bostad Enters Finland

Finland Finland — Heimstaden Bostad AB has acquired 242 homes in Helsinki for SEK 215 million (EUR 21 million), its first acquisition in the Finnish market.

Heimstaden Acquires Large Polish Portfolio

Nordic — Heimstaden Bostad AB buys a newbuild portfolio with 2,496 homes in Poland for SEK 3.1 billion from leading Polish residential development company, Budimex.

Heimstaden Enters United Kingdom

Nordic — Heimstaden subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad AB, buys newbuild project “Soho Wharf” with 752 residential units in Birmingham for SEK 1.9 billion (GBP 160 million) from Apsley House Capital and Galliard Homes. Galliard will also act as developer for the project.

Heimstaden Bostad Acquires over 1,000 Residential Units in Linköping

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad acquires 1,118 residential units for SEK 2.5 billion in Linköping from municipal housing company Stångåstaden, and significantly strengthens its presence in the region.

Magnolia Bostad Sells 346 Residential Units to Heimstaden

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad is selling 346 residential units in Handen, Haninge Municipality to Heimstaden Bostad. The estimated property value upon completion will be around SEK 850 million.

Why the Polish Market Attracts Heimstaden

Nordic — Co-CIO Christian Fladeland: “The average quality in the rental market is not meeting the requirements of today’s tenants.”

Heimstaden Bostad Enters Poland

Nordic — Heimstaden’s subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad AB, announces the acquisition of two build-to-rent projects in Warsaw, Poland, from the French developer and contractor, Eiffage, which also will act as the general contractor.

Heimstaden Expand Its Portfolio in the Netherlands – Acquires 673 Homes

Nordic — Heimstaden AB's subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad, expands its portfolio in the Netherlands through the acquisition of 673 homes in the North Holland province from the Dutch Housing corporation Mooiland.

Heimstaden Bostad Acquires Large Property Portfolio in Linköping

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad AB has acquired all shares in Von Dufva Fastighets AB, which is the owner of a portfolio consisting of twelve properties in Linköping, with 457 rental apartments and a total lettable area of ​​approximately 31,500 square meters.

Heimstaden Bostad Acquires from Magnolia Bostad

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad has acquired Magnolia Bostad's project Slipsen in Södra Råbylund, Lund Municipality. The project started production in December 2019 and includes the development of approximately 780 apartments of 45,000 sq.m. BTA. Estimated property value at completion amounts to approximately SEK 1.4 billion.

The CEO on the Blockbuster Deal in the Czech Republic: ”Maybe a Bit Unexpected”

Nordic — Heimstaden’s CEO Patrik Hall on how the deal, which means that Heimstaden becomes the Czech Republic's largest property owner, came up and the company's plans in the Nordics.

Heimstaden Bostad in EUR 1.3 Billion Deal in the Czech Republic

Nordic — Heimstaden Bostad becomes the largest private residential property owner in the Czech Republic.

Heimstaden Bostad Acquires 599 Residential Units in Germany

Nordic — Heimstaden Bostad AB announces the acquisition of a German residential portfolio consisting of 25 assets with 599 residential units, 48 commercial units and 36 parking spaces.

Heimstaden Bostad Gets New Owners

Sweden Sweden — Folksam group will become new owners after subscribing to approximately SEK 4 billion of a cash rights issue to be made on the 7th of January 2020.

Heimstaden Restructures the Portfolio and Extends Cooperation with Alecta

Nordic — Heimstaden has agreed with the other partners in the subsidiary Heimstaden Bostad for an extended cooperation. Heimstaden Bostad strengthen its equity base with a total of SEK 9.5 billion through a private placement towards the main owners Heimstaden and Alecta. In total, SEK 6.2 billion is allocated externally to the Group.