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M2 leaves Denmark – this is the strategy going forward

Denmark Denmark — After the sale of a residential property in Copenhagen, Rutger Arnhult's company M2 Asset Management has now left Denmark completely and only has properties left on Swedish soil. CEO Jakob Mörndal tells Nordic Property News about the strategy going forward and the work to be able to pay the next bond maturity in January 2025.

M2 Asset Management sells residential property to Pensam

Denmark Denmark — Rutger Arnhult's M2 Asset Management sells a residential property containing 78 apartments and 15 parking spaces in Copenhagen to Pensam.

Rutger Arnhult increases holdings in Corem

Nordic — On December 29, 2023, Rutger Arnhult's M2 Asset Management, itself and via a wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired 8.1 million shares of series A and 70.6 million shares of series B in the property company and also the associated company Corem Property Group AB. After the transaction, M2 Asset Management AB and subsidiaries own 43.9 million shares of series A, 460.1 million shares of series B and 3.3 million shares of series D. This corresponds to 44.6 percent of outstanding capital and 45.6 percent of outstanding votes.

New player sees possible transactions opening up with indebt companies

Sweden Sweden — With several real estate companies struggling with debt situations, new transactions could open up for smaller entrepreneurial companies like Liljebo. Founder Omid Noghabai tells Nordic Property News about the plans for Liljebo.

Nordika acquires from M2 Asset Management

Sweden Sweden — Nordika acquires education property in Kista, Stockholm from M2 Asset Management.

Arnhult's Private Company Divests Big Volume in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult's ownership company M2 Asset Management has repaid a securities loan of just under SEK 3 billion regarding shares in Castellum. After the transaction M2's ownership in Castellum amounts to approximately 1 percent of capital and votes.

M2 Asset Management Appoints New CEO

Sweden Sweden — M2 Asset Management announces that Jakob Mörndal will be appointed as ordinary CEO of M2 starting today.

Arnhult Makes Small Divestment in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — CEO and largest owner, Rutger Arnhult, makes a small decrease of his holdings in Castellum.

Copenhagen Growth Plans for M2 Asset Management

Denmark Denmark — Mia Arnhult, CEO of M2 Asset Management, tells Nordic Property News about the Copenhagen entrance: “This really is top notch in terms of rental apartments.”

M2 Asset Management Acquires Residential Units in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — M2 Asset Management acquires 99 owner-occupied apartments located in Frederiksstaden, Copenhagen and part of the iconic residential area "Dronningegården".