Jakob Mörndal has a solid experience from both the real estate industry and the investor market. In his latest roles, Jakob was operational manager at Castellum in 2022 and acting CEO of Castellum in the autumn of 2021. Previously he worked in his own operations and for many years at Klövern together with Rutger Arnhult.

“We are very pleased with acting CEO Anders Gustafson's work in our family -owned company and want to thank him for his good efforts. Soon Jakob Mörndal will take up the service, which feels very fun. I have worked with Jakob since 2012 and have great confidence in his ability to take care of our family company in the future and I am pleased that we now have a permanent solution to the CEO post, "says Rutger Arnhult, Chairman of the Board of M2 Asset Management AB."

"I want to thank Rutger for the confidence to lead the work on M2 and wish Jakob good luck in his new role." says Anders Gustafson, Tf CEO of M2 Asset Management AB.

“It feels very exciting and fun to be part of the team within M2 Asset Management AB. There is a nice real estate business within the framework of the M2 group that I want to continue to develop together with other employees and tenants. In addition to the directly owned property movement, there is also a comprehensive securities operation, which includes, among other things, a number of strategic shareholdings that I will follow closely,” says Jakob Mörndal.