The aim is to reduce the amount of transportation in the area and promote greener districts. Fabege is teaming up with Catena, Ragn-Sells and Servistik to form the company Urban Services i Solna AB (Urban Services), which will be owned equally by all four parties. The company will offer logistics and other services primarily aimed at property owners, tenants and residents.

Urban Services will create a collective hub for all incoming and outbound transportation in Arenastaden. The intention is to subsequently implement the system in several areas. The move will create opportunities to transform areas that are currently exposed to heavy traffic, into districts with spaces that are more usable, including squares and places to meet.

Arenastaden will soon be home to 100,000 sqm of retail units, 4,000 residents and 30,000 workplaces, and the district attracts over a million visitors a month.  All these need transportation – of products, parcels, online goods and letters, etc. Fabege hopes to reduce the current amount of transportation in Arenastaden by 70 per cent by the year 2021, thus contributing towards a cleaner, safer, quieter and sustainable district.

“If we succeed in reducing the amount of transportation to and from our areas, then we’ve come a long way towards creating a more sustainable district,” says Carl Michael Augustsson, Director of Urban Development at Fabege.