“Through Loop Industries, we have created a company with innovative and disruptive businesses that will develop the construction industry. We will act as an independent company and create opportunities for external investors and cross-company collaborations,” says Anders Torell, who is the new CEO of Loop Industries. 
Loop Industries’ various operations are already working together with companies including Sweco, Norconsult, Trapezia, Cowi and other leading environmental consultants. The aim is to develop an open ecosystem with supporting services in building materials, logistics, transport and other services. 
“Loop Industries is challenging inefficiencies in the industry in various ways. The solutions we develop increase productivity and reduce costs while decreasing carbon-dioxide emissions and increasing the reuse of secondary materials,” says Anders Torell.

Loop Rocks, Loop Industries’ open platform for efficiently managing gravel, soil and other secondary fill materials at construction sites, is one clear example of a digital platform that enhances efficiency in the construction industry. Since its launch in summer 2016, Loop Rocks has gained more than 9,000 users and “looped” 2.5 tons of building materials. 
The next business in Loop Industries is Hauly, a virtual haulage firm, which matches supply and demand for building materials transport, also through the use of an open platform and app. A third initiative is Loop Rocks Express, which uses the Loop Rocks network with the addition of quarries that can offer new material as a complement to the material that Loop Rocks loops between construction sites.
“We can see enormous potential in Loop Industries, with open digital platform solutions in the construction industry. By incorporating the business and inviting external parties to participate, we see greater opportunities for Loop Industries to continue growing and operating as an open and independent company to the benefit of the entire construction industry,” says Håkan Broman, acting President and CEO of NCC.