NCC splits business area NCC Building

Nordic NCC will split its largest business area, NCC Building, into Building Sweden, led by Henrik Landelius, and Building Nordics, led by Klaus Kaae. The aim is to provide each unit with better conditions to achieve profitable growth.


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Klaus Kaae. Image: NCC
Klaus Kaae.

Henrik Landelius. Image: NCC
Henrik Landelius.

“With two separate business areas we get more energy to drive the change needed to improve profitability and achieve profitable growth. The challenges we need to address differ between the markets and our focus should be on different issues. In Sweden, we must strengthen profitability and ensure continued profitable growth while in the rest of the Nordic region the focus is on continuing the work that is already underway to improve profitability, particularly in Norway,” says Tomas Carlsson CEO of NCC.

The new organization will come into effect as of October 1, with Henrik Landelius, current Head of NCC Building Sweden, as Business Area Manager for the new NCC Building Sweden business area and member of the Executive Management Team. Operations in Sweden accounted for almost 60 percent of sales in NCC Building at the end of 2017, or approximately SEK 14 billion, with about 3,800 employees.

“I can see additional development potential in our operations in Sweden and look forward to continuing to pursue this work moving forward. We are well positioned but the market is competitive and we must constantly improve our customer offerings and our delivery,” says Henrik Landelius, newly appointed Business Area Manager of NCC Building Sweden.

Klaus Kaae, who is currently Business Area Manager of NCC Building, will become the Business Area Manager of Building Nordics, with sales of approximately SEK 11 billion and about 2,350 employees at the end of 2017.

“We have already come a long way toward reversing the trend in Norway and Finland. In Denmark, we have a number of interesting housing and office projects with enormous potential in the future,” says Klaus Kaae, newly appointed Business Area Manager of NCC Building Nordics.

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