Logicenters and Kilenkrysset have many years of experience from each other. Several joint land development projects have over the years built up mutual trust capital. Now, the players are investing together to develop a completely new logistics park. The land is located in the Municipality of Håbo and the park will be the largest north of Stockholm. The area to be developed is 312,400 square meters and construction can be built on 150,000 square meters of these.

"It is very big for us to establish a completely new logistics park. The area has great potential to become a logistic hub forward and together with Kilenkryssen and the Municipality of Håbo we make it possible. We have good relations before and the cooperation has always worked well. Therefore, it will be exciting to develop the area together from the start. Now we are planning to start property development on the ground during the second quarter of this year," says Matthias Kettelhoit, Commercial Head at Logicenters.

The ground is located in a logistically strategic location, at Håbo Lundby 2:8, just outside Bålsta. With close proximity to international airport, E18 and Stockholm, it is an attractive location. In addition, railway tracks go all the way upto the lot, which can facilitate the infrastructure for transport in the future.

"For Kilenkrysset, it is a natural part of working with partnerships in larger market operations and refinements and where Logicenters has been one of our absolute largest partners. We have already started designing the ground and are filled with confidence for the establishment. The logistics park will be developed on good ground and have an optimal location where 3.5 million people are within an hour," says Jens Persson, CEO of Kilenkrysset.