The property, Kristiansand Tangen 52, with its attractive location directly by the sea in central Kristiansand has great development potential. Today, the property is leased to NAV, the Norwegian Public Employment Service and the Insurance Fund. The surrounding area is being transformed with new homes that are already occupied and other projects that are under development. As a larger regional city, Kristiansand is particularly interesting from a development perspective.

Martin Mæland will also assist SBB in the further development of the property Kvartal 71 in Kristiansand, a property that today is leased to various authorities and with its central location has a great development potential.

"It is very exciting to start working with Martin Mæland and also to do so in these exciting projects in Kristiansand. Martin has a unique experience and I look forward to what I am convinced will be an inspiring collaboration," says Ilija Batljan, CEO of SBB.

Martin Mæland has a long and solid experience from the Nordic real estate industry, including as CEO of Obos between 1983 and 2015. He has also been on the board of Entra ASA and is today chairman of the board of Veidekke ASA.

"The properties are fantastically located and have great potential. It will be interesting to work with an expansive and business-driven company like SBB," says Martin Mæland.