“I got involved with Technopolis 20 years ago when it went public and I have had the privilege of serving with the company for the past 15 years. I know we have played a central role in the disruption and transformation of the workspace sector, and I’m immensely proud of this company. I have invested a good part of my career in Technopolis but feel that I have the energy to still do something totally new. I am confident that with the resources of our new owner behind us, my successor will be able to take the company to a whole new level”, Silverang says.

“We are extremely appreciative of Keith’s hard work and dedication over the past 15 years in making Technopolis the company it is today – a forerunner in the serviced office market. Our goal remains to make Technopolis the leading full-service office provider in Europe. We wish Keith the best of luck in his future endeavours,” says Paul Patel, the Chairman of Technopolis’ Board of Directors.