Kilterinkuja 4 has 13 floors in the higher tower and five in the lower tower. The Kilterinkuja building is located on a plot adjacent to the building of the Vantaa Dance Institute. The site of the Imatran Voima office building, demolished in 1979, has been located here before. Other housing projects are currently under construction in the same area.

The revamping of the block area is based on the zoning change initiated by Elo, as a result of which the Kilterinmäki area is transformed from a commercial and industrial area into a residential area. The largest regional center in West Vantaa and Myyrmäki with almost 16,000 inhabitants will be renewed and supplemented with new apartment buildings and services in the next few years.

“The construction of Kilterinkuja 4 is the first phase of a property development project launched by Emo in Myyrmäki. There is also a zoning change in the neighboring quarter, where Elo is planning to build about 150 rental apartments of its own. In addition to rental apartments, the blocks will include more than 300 owner-occupied homes. The Myyrmäki area fits in well with our goal of building more rental homes in the Helsinki metropolitan area," says project manager Antti Pyötsä from Elo.

The Kilterinkuja project is a continuation of the long-standing cooperation between Skanska and Elo. Skanska has previously implemented housing projects for Elo in, for example, Kerava and Espoo.