Sofie Bennsten has most recently been employed in the role of HR and Group Controller at Catena and has been a member of the management team since 2014. Sofie, who, like Peter, has been with the company from the outset, has worked with properties over the past 20 years in various functions and has broad experience of the industry, as well as of management work and accounting.

“Sophie’s capacity to see the broader perspective and explain how our business decisions can generate value in different ways will be a tremendous asset in the role of CFO, a position in which Peter has achieved a great deal and substantially influenced Catena’s progress. I am very pleased with this solution, which allows Catena to retain all of the skills and experience that both Peter and Sofie possess,” says Catena’s CEO, Benny Thögersen.

Jörgen Eriksson, who has been employed at Catena since August 2016, has been the Regional Manager for Malmö since December 2018, when he also became a member of Catena’s management team.

“As Deputy CEO and Regional Manager, Jörgen’s business acumen, analytical skills and broad operational perspective will further contribute to Catena’s long-term growth,” comments Catena’s CEO, Benny Thögersen.

Accordingly, when the changes are implemented at the end of April 2020, Catena’s management team will consist of the same people although with a new division or roles: CEO Benny Thögersen; Deputy CEO/CFO, Sofie Bennsten; Head of Treasury, Peter Andersson; Regional Manager Stockholm, Maths Carreman, Regional Manager Gothenburg/Jönköping, Johan Franzén; Regional Manager Helsingborg, Göran Jönsson; and Deputy CEO/Regional Manager Malmö, Jörgen Eriksson. Recruitment of a new HR manager has been initiated.