Andrea Cedwall has over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry and comes most recently from Hemsö, where she has been active for 9 years. During the past year, she has held the role of Head of Transaction with responsibility for the Swedish and Finnish markets. Prior to that, Andrea has held various positions at the real estate company Kungsleden.

"Rikshem has a stable and broad portfolio in community properties and housing, something that I look forward to continuing to develop. In my new role, I will focus on the overall business and pursue a structured, business-driven leadership," says Andrea Cedwall.

"With the recruitment of Andrea Cedwall, we are now taking the next step in strengthening Rikshem's capacity to conduct business. Andrea has exactly the background and experience we have sought with values ​​that are in good agreement with ours. In addition, she shares our interest and focus on developing areas with both housing and community properties in order to contribute to vibrant neighborhoods and a positive urban development. I look forward to welcoming Andrea to the team," says Petter Jurdell, Head of Business and Sustainability Development at Rikshem.

Andrea Cedwall will take up the position in January 2020.