Anette Frumerie Appointed New CEO of Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Anette Frumerie leaves Besqab to become CEO of Rikshem.

Rikshem Appoints Andrea Cedwall Head of Transactions

Sweden Sweden — Andrea Cedwall is appointed Rikshem's Head of Transaction. Andrea Cedwall comes most recently from the community real estate company Hemsö, where she was, among other things, transaction manager. She will take up her new position in January 2020.

Rikshem Acquires in Västerås

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem expands the property portfolio by acquiring a school and preschool property in the residential area of ​​Skälby in Västerås from CKF Fastighets AB.

Magnolia Bostad Signs Agreement to Acquire Land Outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad has signed an agreement to acquire parts of the property Orminge 46:1 in the Orminge centre, Nacka municipality, comprising 10,400 sq.m. GFA.

Sophia Mattsson-Linnala Steps Down as CEO of Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem’s Board of Directors and Sophia Mattsson-Linnala have agreed today that Mattsson-Linnala will step down from her position as CEO of Rikshem AB as of October 31, 2019. The process to recruit a new CEO will begin immediately.

The Swedish Police Authority Rents 16,000 sqm in Telestaden

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish Police Authority has signed an agreement to rent about 16,000 square meters, with about 800 workplaces, in Rikshem and Ikano Bostad's Telestaden in Stockholm.

Rikshem Acquires in Kalmar

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem has acquired a project property in Kalmar, where a care home with 60 apartments will be erected by 2020, from Peab and P&E Persson.

Alma Buys from Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Alma Property Partners acquires one of the most centrally located development properties in Uppsala from Rikshem.

Skanska Sells Development Project to Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Skanska divests Bergskvadraten development project in Norrköping, Sweden, to Rikshem for about MSEK 490 (EUR 47.7M). The block contains 101 apartments with garage and 72 nursing homes.

Rikshem Buys in Älvängen for EUR 30M

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem has bought a combined retirement home and rental apartments for senior citizens in Älvängen, outside of Gothenburg, from Skanska.

Rikshem Purchases Project Property

Sweden Sweden — The project property is located in Central Uppsala where a social property with 105 new care facilities will be erected. The seller is Fastighetsförädlarna i Mälardalen and a 15 year lease has been signed with Attendo Sverige.

Rikshem Makes Large Acquisition in Umeå

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem has signed an acquisition deal of 800 apartments in Umeå. The sellers are Lerstenen Invest, Areim Fastigheter 3 and property funds managed by Blackstone.

New CEO and Board for Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Sophia Mattsson-Linnala, currently CEO at the municipal real estate company Huge Fastigheter AB, has been elected as Rikshem’s new CEO.

Mats Mared Leaves Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem’s chairman Mats Mared leaves the company’s board of directors. This was announced on Thursday afternoon in a press release. Meanwhile Rikshem’s owners are in agreement over the fact that Jan-Erik Höjvall is not the right person to lead Rikshem in the future.

Ilija Batljan on His New Venture: “15-20 SEK Billion in Five Years”

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan was for the most part freed in the inspection of Rikshem. He now tells Nordic Property News about his feelings on what has happened – and about his new company. “The goal is to have a real estate value of SEK 15-20 billion in five years.”

Billion Deal for Rikshem in Östersund

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem purchases close to 1,700 apartments from the municipal housing company Östersundshem for SEK 1,1 billion (€115 M).

Large Purchase for Rikshem in Northern Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem has acquired almost 1,700 apartments from Akelius in Haparanda, Umeå and Östersund. The deal consists of 47 housing properties of 120,000 sqm. The purchase price is € 202,13 M (MSEK 1,878).

Rikshem In Large Deal With Värmdö County

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem purchases 49 percent of municipal Värmdö Bostäder and parts of Värmdö’s municipal property portfolio for approximately MSEK 1,4 (€149 M). In addition Rikshem will construct another 500 housing units on land acquired from the county.

Rikshem Purchases Public Utility Company

Sweden Sweden — Rikshem purchases Bo i Väsby AB from Upplands Väsby municipality for a total of MSEK 720 (€77M). The deal encompasses a total leasable area of approximately 44,000 sqm.