Rikshem established itself in Östersund in 2016 and is one of the city's largest private property owners. The company now sells part of its portfolio to Niam, one of the Nordic region's largest private property owners, but continues to be an active property owner in Östersund. With the sale, Rikshem has about 2,000 apartments in Östersund. Rikshem recently completed its first new production in the city and the company is also looking at the possibilities of building more apartments.

"Rikshem has a large population in Östersund, and we will continue to do so. We now want to focus more on building new housing and community properties in Östersund and thus contribute to and contribute to the development of the city," says Anna-Karin Eriksson, Regional Manager at Rikshem.

"Östersund is a city with very good prospects. We are taking over a well-managed stock that we look forward to managing and developing further," says Fredrik Jonsson, CEO of Niam.

Five of the properties covered by the sale are located in Torvalla, two in Odensala and six in central Östersund. Rikshem is leaving the properties at the end of August / September 2020.

Nordanö has been the seller's advisor.