Henning Larsen will continue under its current name. In the new organisation, Henning Larsen will steer the shared ambition of creating integrated design solutions for sustainable cities and buildings based on the joint companies' global platform and Nordic values.

“Architecture today is not just about designing and building. It is about solving concrete challenges for people. We call this the extended concept of architecture, where we combine our design with research and knowledge. This is how we have been working for the last ten years, but in the new constellation with Ramboll we will have access to the world's leading experts, technology and digitalisation, which will develop our architecture and projects in completely new ways in the future,” says Louis Becker, Partner and Design Principal at Henning Larsen.

With their Nordic legacies, both Henning Larsen and Ramboll embrace a strong focus on quality, knowledge and social responsibility. For Mette Kynne Frandsen, CEO and Partner in Henning Larsen, the collaboration with Ramboll offers great opportunities.

“We have just delivered our best financial results in company history, driven by global expansion and projects on six continents. Together with Ramboll, we will have the capacity to take the next step in our internationalisation and strengthen our ability to create sustainable visionary buildings that offer concrete solutions to some of the most demanding challenges facing cities and communities around the globe,” says Mette Kynne Frandsen. 

The fact that Henning Larsen now becomes part of Ramboll is a significant strategic step for Ramboll. Over the coming year, the ambition is to establish a global architecture business unit with approx. 800 architects and landscape architects and Mette Kynne Frandsen as Managing Director. According to Group CEO in Ramboll Jens-Peter Saul, this means that Ramboll will have the opportunity to move even closer to its clients.

“With Henning Larsen, we unite architecture, engineering, integrated design and strong digital solutions to make a positive impact on sustainability globally. For Ramboll, the acquisition also means that we can strengthen our dialogue with clients in the early stages of the projects, where the focus is on concepts and idea development, and thus contribute to a sustainable design from the outset. Together, we gain a unique position in the competition for the most exciting and demanding projects and we increase the internationalisation of our joint business based on a strong Scandinavian outset,” says Jens-Peter Saul.

The acquisition is effective from 2 January 2020.