Erik Ranje has a long and solid experience in the finance and real estate industry and currently works as Deputy Managing Director and CIO at Stendörren. Prior to that, Erik worked as Head of Real Estate Investment Banking at Danske Bank, with responsibility for banking and capital market financing and advising in connection with real estate transactions. Prior to that, Erik worked in Structured Real Estate Finance and Corporate Finance at SEB for 20 years. Erik holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. The Board welcomes Erik to the new service.

“When I was appointed CEO of Stendörren, it was with a clear mandate to prepare the company and the organization for future growth. These changes have now been implemented and as Stendörren now enters a new phase, I have decided to move on,” says Mikael Nicander, resigning CEO of Stendörren.

"I would like to thank Mikael for his time and contribution to Stendörren's work during the past year and wish him all the best in the future," says Anders Tägt, Stendörren's Chairman of the Board and continues:

“Through the appointment of Erik, we further strengthen the organisation's expertise in transaction and capital market. Erik has a solid background in Investment Banking and Structured Finance which will position the company for future growth.”

“I have worked close to Stendörren first as an advisor and now as a CIO so it is with confidence that I take responsibility for the company's future development. Stendörren has a fantastic organization and I look forward to working with the other staff to develop Stendörren to its full potential. Together with the company's employees, I will focus on the core business, the project portfolio and continued acquisitions,” says Erik Ranje.

Erik Ranje took up his position on February 5, 2020.