Residents will have access to a laundry room, drying rooms and a club room, which make everyday life easier. With its play and recreational areas, the block’s communal inner courtyard will bring joy to all of the buildings’ residents. Parking spaces are available in the parking facility next to the building.

The construction of Karibiankuja 4 is making good progress, and residents will be able to view the apartments during the summer after renting them, either via a video presentation or in person, taking into account the special requirements related to the coronavirus. The energy-efficient property will be connected to Helen’s carbon-free, hydropower-certified property electricity network and it will be heated using Fortum’s carbon-neutral district heating. The temperature and ventilation of each apartment is monitored and controlled by the Leanheat measurement system.

New Lumo apartments will also be completed at Bahamankatu 8, next to Karibiankuja 4, in early July 2020. The building at Bahamankatu 8 will have a total of 82 rental apartments. A third of the apartments have already been rented via the Lumo webstore.