Linda Carlsson is hired to strengthen the organization with a focus on realizing the ongoing projects that SPG has in housing and care. Linda comes from Skanska where she worked for five years. From her time at Skanska, she brings with her experiences from several commercial construction projects and with different business orientations. Linda has a broad knowledge in construction production where she has worked with purchasing, time planning, project management and work management.

SPG has also recruited Michaela Borgström as Finance Associate. Michaela previously came from Nordenhem Accounting where she worked as an accounting consultant with customer responsibility for about 40 different companies. Prior to that, she worked at Capio St: Göran's Hospital as a financial assistant.

“This autumn, SPG recruited Simon Sjöbom from Skanska for the role of development manager for the Swedish projects and with more than ten different projects starting construction in 2020, we see a need to further strengthen the organization,” says Carl Zetterqvist, CEO of SPG in Sweden.

“Our project portfolio continues to grow with new acquisitions of building rights for housing and community properties, which means that we need to strengthen all parts of the organization,” continues Carl Zetterqvist.

Scandinavian Property Group is a real estate company that was founded in 2004 and operates in the Scandinavian market. The organization consists of 20 employees with offices in both Oslo and Stockholm. SPG is an industrial player in three specific areas, housing, community properties, and project development of offices and retail.