SBB has started a joint-venture company with Odalen Fastigheter AB.The joint-venture company will primarily build elderly care homes and LSS properties (special housing for people with disabilities). The first LSS property in Ängelholm of 1,700 sqm with a 15-year municipal contract has already been delivered to SBB. In addition, construction is now underway of a 4,600 sqm elderly care home, where a 15-year lease with a private operator has been signed and where the building is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021.

The jointly owned company sees the opportunity in Ängelholm to use its building rights of an additional 14,000 sqm BTA to build a preschool, a school as well as apartments for the elderly . At the same time, SBB and Odalen Fastigheter have commencedpreparing for new construction on their building rights in Gothenburg, which will enable construction of 100 rent regulated residentials and an elderly care home with 100 apartments.