The lettable area on the properties amounts to 25,500 m² and consists of premises for primary care, specialist care, psychiatry, health center, dentists and a further number of establishments connected to public activities. The largest tenant in the properties is Region Skåne, which rents just over 11,000 m². The annual rental value amounts to just over SEK 18 million and the average remaining lease term exceeds 10 years. The agreed property value in the transaction amounts to SEK 182 million and the preliminary purchase price for the shares is estimated at approximately SEK 101 million.

"The properties constitute a regional care hub in Skåne and this acquisition will be a strong complement to Offentliga Hus' property portfolio. We look forward with confidence to developing the properties for many years to come and, in collaboration with the region and private actors, offer Simrishamn's residents a hospital that delivers high-class welfare services. Offentliga Hus' long-term ownership means that we can invest in and provide appropriate premises for our tenants for a long time to come," comments Fredrik Brodin, CEO of Offentliga Hus.

"We are pleased to have completed this transaction with Frisk Drift AB and look forward to making further supplementary acquisitions to our property portfolio with similar care properties in the future. These community properties strengthen our cluster in Skåne and will generate stable cash flows for many years to come," says Johan Bråkenhielm, COO at Offentliga Hus.

"We have with great commitment owned and managed Simrishamn Hospital for many years. The "close care" that the hospital can offer for the whole of Simrishamn and the surrounding area is extremely important for our region in Skåne. The opportunity to sell to a capital-rich owner with long-term ambitions such as Offentliga Hus is fantastic for everyone who works at the hospital, and above all for all patients who seek care there," concludes Uno Levinsson, co-owner of Frisk Drift AB.