Strawberry brings together all real estate activities under one management. Daniel Stenbäck will be the CEO of Strawberry Forever and Strawberry Brothers, as well as chairman of the board of Strawberry Properties. In addition to the wholly and partly owned hotel properties, the project and management company Nordic Property Management will be part of the new structure. Stenbäck will continue to be part of the group management in the Nordic Choice Hospitality Group and be responsible for new establishments and property development.

"By gathering responsibility and resources in this way, we get a holistic commitment to create the best hotels for our customers," says Petter Stordalen.

"Now the responsibility for finding, developing and maintaining the Nordic region's best hotel products with a long-term perspective will be organized under the same management. Thus, we ensure efficiency and implementation power in this important area. Daniel Stenbäck has long hotel and management experience which means that we are confident that he is the best at solving this big task," says Torgeir Silseth, CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels.

Stenbäck will take up the position on 10 August. His many years of experience from the hotel industry include roles as CEO of First Hotels, Senior Vice President of Nordic Hotels & Resorts, CEO of Gothia Towers and Clarion Hotel Post, as well as leadership positions in the industry organization Visita in Western Sweden.

"I have accepted a challenging role in a challenging time, but if there is one time you should dare to invest and think new, it is now. Nordic Choice Hotels will continue to grow, and we will continue to develop our relationship with farm owners and be active partners when it comes to creating attractive hotels. We now gather acquisitions, development and management of all properties as well as contact with all players in one and the same function. I am convinced that it will give us as a group an advantage and strength, both to help us out of the crisis we are in the middle of faster, but also to make us even stronger in continuing and pushing our industry forward," says Daniel Stenbäck.

Stenbäck will continue to be responsible for Strawberry Living's operations as chairman of the board.