The purpose of the option programme, which was announced at the 2017 Annual General Meeting, was to create clear incentives for the CEO and management team to generate value for all shareholders. A total of 185,000 options were issued to Kungsleden’s current management, distributed between six participants at an redemption price of SEK 60 per share. 75 per cent of the options were issued by Gösta Welandson through companies and 25 percent by Olle Florén. Since the stock options were issued by individual shareholders, there will be no dilution effect for other shareholders.

The redemption of the stock options has now been concluded. While management will fund a portion of the redemption of the stock options through the sale of shares, management’s net total shareholding will increase. CEO Biljana Pehrsson’s shareholding will increase from 105,000 shares to 145,000 shares.