“We’ve been selling homes at a rapid pace during the fourth quarter and expect to go on doing so,” reports CEO Sverre Molvik. “Although we have a solid land bank, we’re therefore working continuously to acquire attractive development properties.

“That applies particularly in Oslo and Stockholm, which both have a big need for new housing driven by high population growth and urbanisation, as well as insufficient construction over time.”

The Oslo site at Lilleakerveien 47 in the western part of the city could yield some 150 units, with sales starting in 2021-22.

In Stockholm, the land acquired is in the Slakthus area and at Årstafältet in the Söderort transformation district. These will have the capacity for about 150 and 120 homes respectively.

“All the sites are very well positioned,” explains Molvik. “The Lilleakerveien project will be first off the blocks, and we expect to start sales there in late 2021 or early 2022.

“Provisionally, it extends over eight properties covering a total of one hectare and will provide both flats and commercial premises.

“This area is close to public transport, between the Lilleaker and Sollerud tram stops and immediately adjacent to the bus stop in Lilleakerveien.

“Our plans involve homes built to a high standard, and most of the flats will have a fantastic view.”