Hoivatilat has acquired two Finnish healthcare portfolios. The first portfolio consists of seven recently built healthcare sites in six different cities in Finland. The total capacity is 171 residents, the sites will have four professional private and non-profit operators and the total investment is approximately EUR 26.5M.

The seven care properties in this portfolio have excellent locations in six cities across Finland (Kouvola, Kuopio, Loimaa, Mikkeli, Nokia and Oulu). All sites were built recently and have been completed between 2016 and 2019. One healthcare site in Oulu welcomes elderly people requiring continuous care, the four healthcare sites in Kouvola, Loimaa, Mikkeli and Oulu are intended for people with mental disabilities, and the two buildings in Kuopio and Nokia cater to young people with mental health problems.

The second portfolio consists of ten recently built healthcare sites in nine different cities in Finland:

The capacity of the ten healthcare sites is 542 units and the total investment is approximately EUR 82M. The operators of the sites will be a diversified pool of six local and national operators and other tenants.

“Less than a week after the acquisition of seven care properties in Finland, Aedifica is very pleased to announce the acquisition of a second large Finnish healthcare real estate portfolio of ten properties. We look forward to continuing to invest in futureproof healthcare real estate with our Finnish Hoivatilat team,” says Stefaan Gielens, CEO of Aedifica.

“We are investing approximately EUR 82 million in ten modern buildings that accommodate elderly people and persons with disabilities. The sites are operated by a diversified pool of local and national operators. Following the completion of this transaction, the Finnish healthcare real estate portfolio is worth more than EUR 700 million,” says Jussi Karjula, CEO of Hoivatilat.