Posti Kiinteistöt, the real estate arm of the Finnish postal service, develops a 30,000 sqm logistics centre in the Helsinki region in Sipoo. The property will be occupied by Transval, a subsidiary of the Posti Group. The property comprises 30,000 sqm and 400,000 cubic metres, and the main contractor of the project is Fira Group. The construction will commence in February 2021, and the property is due for completion in 2022.

According to Pirjo Sirén, the development manager of the municipality of Sipoo, this is one of the most significant investments made in Sipoo.

“We are very grateful that, thanks to fruitful cooperation, the Bastukärr area are will now receive a modern, sustainable warehouse. The jobs related to the project are also very welcome.”

In addition to fixed storage shelving, the warehouse will include electronically controlled mobile shelf systems. The mobile shelves will double the storage capacity of a similar-size areas compared to fixed shelving. A third of the nearly 60 electric forklift trucks planned for the space will be unmanned, i.e. automatic. The forklift trucks will be controlled by means of laser navigation.

The articulated vehicles arriving at the warehouse will be directed using a digital control system, which automatically identifies the vehicles and directs them to a pre-planned unloading/loading dock. All in all, the warehouse will have 28 loading docks for articulated vehicles and 10 loading docks for vans.