“To further capture the value created and stable cash flow generated by the properties developed in Commercial Property Development, we will launch the new stream Investment Properties. The ambition is to establish a long-term portfolio of high-quality assets in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö,” says CEO and President Anders Danielsson.

“These assets attain to high environmental standards, and the new stream will contribute to strengthen both our competitiveness and customer offering.”

When a property is identified as suitable it will be divested internally from the Commercial Property Development stream to Investment Properties and will be accounted for at market value. The divestment will trigger a recognition of the value created in the Commercial Property Development stream. All transaction prices will be supported by third party valuations and the internal divestments will be announced externally. In the new stream, properties will be held at market value. Post transfer, additional value creation and the operating net will be recognized in the Investment Properties stream.

The new stream will be externally reported with a separate income statement and KPIs that suitably reflects the business and will be incorporated into the consolidated reporting in the same manner as the other business streams. Accounting principles for the new business stream will be included in the Annual Report 2021.