“Wallenstam has 2,200 apartments in production and this number is expected to increase during next year. We now had the opportunity to divest both of these properties and thereby release resources for additional new construction. The transaction adds a significant amount to equity,” says Hans Wallenstam, CEO.

The property Tyresö Järnet 12, address Axel Wennergrens väg 1/Bollmora gårdsväg 20-24, with 54 apartments, comprises about 2,400 sq m of residential and 200 sq m of commercial space. The property Tyresö Järnet 13, address Axel Wennergrens väg 3-19, with 221 apartments, comprises about 10,300 sq m of residential, 100 sq m of commercial and 3,200 sq m of garage space. 

The agreed property value for both of the properties, which are being sold through company transactions, amounts to just over SEK 1 billion. Closing is expected to take place on December 22, 2021.