Heimstaden is the second largest residential real estate company in Europe and has about 150,000 homes in 10 European countries with a property value of SEK 290 billion. In 2021, Heimstaden invested SEK 144 billion in the European residential market, more than any other residential real estate company in the world and has further growth ambitions for the years to come.

Heimstaden is therefore expanding the investment organisation with the recruitment of strong profiles to form a strategy and M&A team, that can dedicatedly focus on optimising our investment strategy via data-driven research as well as analyse and execute M&A transactions.

"As an evergreen residential operator, we are focused on continuously monitoring market trends to adapt our investment strategy to an everchanging environment. By increasing our strategic capacity with experienced and best-in-class people and maintaining a data-driven approach to investing, we are in a great position to continue delivering on our growth strategy with strict discipline," said co-Chief Investment Officer Christian Fladeland at Heimstaden.

Andreas Steno Larsen is one of Denmark's most profiled analysts and starts as Lead Economist 1 February. He recently worked as Global Chief Strategist for Nordea.

Simon Fallmann Bech also starts 1 February as Manager in the strategy and M&A team. He recently worked as Senior Associate at FIH Partners.

"We are thrilled to welcome Andreas and Simon to Heimstaden. Andreas is among the most competent analysts in the Nordic region and will play an important role in setting our investment strategy and ensure consistent evaluation of risk-adjusted returns by taking into account macro and financial risks across the markets in which we are present. Simon is one of the greatest talents on the M&A scene in Denmark and I am confident that he will add value to the development and execution of our investment strategy and M&A processes," said Fladeland.