Estea's investment offering will be further broadened towards institutions and also include the growing segment of infrastructure. The range of fund products will be expanded, with new institutional products, more funds for private investors and an increased focus on ESG.

"The strong focus on quality throughout the value chain that we have made into Estea's trade mark over the years will be further strengthened with the goal of continuing to sharpen our offering and deliver quality investment products," says Johan Eriksson Rydermark, CEO of Estea AB.  

As part of the initiative, Magnus Nordholm will become a partner and co-owner in Estea AB from April 1st, 2022. Magnus has a long and solid experience from the real estate industry and comes most recently from Heimstaden where he in various roles such as CFO and Deputy CEO has been central to Heimstaden's growth and acquisition journey. In connection with Magnus' accession, Estea will establish an office in the Oresund region.

"We are incredibly proud and happy that Magnus will become a partner in Estea. With Magnus in the team, we strengthen our international experience and  institutional network and thus get the very best conditions for broadening and expanding the business. This is the first time we have brought in a new partner in the company and for me it is important to have a partnership where you share values around the business and relationships," says Johan Eriksson Rydermark, CEO of Estea AB.  

“Through a consistent quality focus combined with flexibility stemming from a thematic approach, Estea is a unique fund platform for generating excess return in relation to traditional broader funds. To have the opportunity to work on an offensive plan together with Estea's management and employees feels very inspiring. A new journey begins and I am convinced that it will be successful and very exciting," says Magnus Nordholm, new partner in Estea AB.

The expansion of the business means that the organization will gradually be strengthened with a number of key roles and people in leading positions.